Minting Governance Tokens

A step by step guide to show you how to mint governance tokens for a DAO.

Minting Governance Tokens is limited to the Testnet version of Clarity.

Since participating in DAOs requires users to create Stakes using Governance Tokens they hold, DAOs need an easy way to distribute Testnet tokens to test users.

The asset that is minted by this function has the following metadata:

Policy ID: 919d4c2c9455016289341b1a14dedf697687af31751170d56a31466e

Asset Name Hex: 74434c4152495459

Step 1: On the DAO's Dashboard page, click 'Mint Tokens'

Step 2: Choose how many tokens to receive.

Step 3: Confirm minting

Step 4: Sign the transaction

Once the transaction has been accepted on-chain, the Governance Token will appear in your wallet. This may take several minutes.

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