Proposal Templates

Proposal Templates make it easy to create Proposals for Agora DAOs without needing to write any code.

Recall that in Agora, Proposals execute smart contract effects automatically when passed. Templates on Clarity help to easily form these custom effect smart contracts. Read below for more information about how these effect scripts are registered and executed.

Agora Effect Registry

Smart Contract effects are registered through Liqwid Labs's Agora Effect Registry. Here, important information is stored.

Effect scripts

Tell Agora which smart contract(s) to run if a Proposal is passed. Scripts are stored as a hash that points to the script which lives on-chain.

Datum Schema

The Datum Schema defines the variables that this effect can take. The datum is consumed along with the effect to run the script with custom parameters.

Templates for Effects

Templates take the Datum Schema from the underlying Agora Effect, then extend them with supplementary off-chain information.

Below is a visual representation of how Templates overlay with the existing Agora Effect Registry.

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