Creating an Organization

A step by step guide on how to create a new Organization using Clarity.

Step 1: Click '+ Create organization'

On the Explore DAOs page, find and click the '+ Create organization' button.

Step 2: Fill the form to create your Organization


Enter off-chain information about the Organization so it is easily discoverable on Clarity.

Name: The name of your organization, community, or project.

Description: Describe your organization in a few sentences. This will be shown to people checking out your organization's page!

Image: Upload the PFP for your organization!

Provide links to external sites & social platforms where the organization has a presence.


This allows an Organization to restrict creating and/or voting on polls held on Clarity to a group of admin users.

Step 3: Read and agree to Terms and Submit your Organization

Add any Cardano Native asset by Policy Id to use to calculate Voting Power for your Organization's Polls and Bounties.

To add a new Snapshot Governance Token, click 'Add token'.

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