Voting on a Proposal

A step by step guide to Voting on Agora Proposals on-chain.

Casting a Vote

Step 1: Find the Proposal you want to vote on

Navigate to the Governance page and choose a Proposal to vote on.

Step 2: Choose an option

Step 3: Choose a Stake to use for this Vote.

Step 4: Confirm Selection

Step 5: Sign the Transaction to record your Vote on-chain

Retracting a Vote

Step 1: On a proposal you have voted on, click 'Retract Vote'

Step 2: Choose the vote you want to retract

Choose the vote you want to retract. Votes are identified by the Stake that was used to create them.

Step 3: Confirm by clicking the 'Retract Vote' button

Step 4: Sign the transaction

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