Depositing to Treasury

Step by step guide for how to send assets to a DAO's treasury.

Deposit ADA to the DAO Treasury

Step 1: On the DAO's Dashboard page, click the 'Deposit to Treasury' button in the Treasury widget.

Step 2: Enter an amount of ADA to send to the Treasury

Step 3: Confirm ADA deposit

Step 4: Sign Transaction

Step 5: See updated Treasury

Once your transaction has been verified on-chain, the ADA will appear in the Treasury. This may take several minutes to appear.

Depositing Native Assets to the Treasury

Assets can be sent to the Treasury using a standard transaction initiated from any Cardano wallet. To find the address to send assets to, navigate to the DAO's Dashboard page and expand the Organization Information section in the About widget. From here, you can find and copy the DAO's Treasury address.

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