Granting/Removing Admin Access

This is how Organizations can configure Admin members and their roles in the Organization.

Step 0: Make sure you are an Organization Super Admin. If you are not an Organization Super Admin, but you think you should be, ask one of the existing Super Admins to add you.

Step 1: From the Admin page, find the Admins widget, and Click 'Edit'

Step 2: Make the necessary Admin changes

Adding an Admin

In the 'Edit Admins' popup, click 'Add' at the top.

Enter the address to add as an Admin, and click 'Add Address'.

Edit the new admin's role if desired.

Removing an Admin

In the 'Edit Admins' popup tab, click the delete icon next to the Admin to remove.

Changing an Admin's role

In the 'Edit Admins' popup tab, choose whether the user should have Admin or Super Admin privileges from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Click Submit and sign the message.

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