Working with Bounties

In the fast-paced world of Decentralized Organizations (DOs), keeping everyone engaged and organizing contributions smartly is a big ask. Traditional setups, where tasks are handed down the chain, can sometimes leave out the bright ideas simmering among the wider community. There are some solutions for this already, and we're not trying to reinvent the wheel, so let's talk about how work get's distributed and funded.

Bounties: Where Effort Meets Reward

Think of Bounties as a new way to get involved, a single task with a reward for completion. Rewards can be anything from Gems, Tokens, or even ADA or stable coins, whatever is in the treasury, but it's about incentivizing participation. In traditional organizations, many tasks are associated with a role (developer, marketer, intern) and people receive a salary or hourly pay for doing all tasks. In Web3 world, we need to break these up, especially the early stages of a DAO, to get work done before processes are well understood.

Bounty Boards: Organizing Work

To keep track of effort and funding allocation, you'll need Bounty Boards. Whether you're into coding, crafting content, or shouting out on social media, there's a board for that. It's like having a treasure map to where you can make the most impact, all while keeping our collective goals in check. We imagine there being a default General Board for bringing new people in, helping them like, follow, and join the right spaces, and get rewarded for jumping in with effort not just monetary investment.

Funding Work without a Finance Department

DAO's need community approval for work efforts at large, and ways to track that effort once funded. Bounty Boards are similar to a project, and you can create a scope of work, budget, and timeline to be included in a Proposal, then other Members will decide if this effort should be funded through voting. This is a democratic way to get work done, and over time, groups or ideas will get funded much like departments, and there won't need to be so many voting efforts to get things done.

Raids: Team Efforts with a Timer

When we really need to kick things into high gear, there are Raids. These are all-hands-on-deck calls to action, where we rally together to smash some pretty ambitious targets. They're fast, they're furious, and they come with bragging rights (and prizes!) for those who lead the charge. It's about pulling together, under pressure, to achieve something epic.

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