Creating a Bounty

Step 0: Make sure you have the proper permissions for this Organization to create a Bounty. If you are not an Organization Admin and the Organization has elected to restrict Bounty creation to Admin users, you will not be able to create Bounties.

Step 1: From the 'Governance' tab, click '+ New'. Select 'Bounty'.

Step 2: Fill out the form to create the Bounty.


Name: The title of the Poll

Image: An image for the Poll

Description: Outline what the poll is for here. Give an explanation of what is being voted over, and explain each option that is being presented

Bounty Submissions

Submission Template: An optional way to encourage a particular format for submissions to follow. For example, the below template might be used by an Organization that is using a Bounty to allow community members to recommend the value of a protocol parameter and provide a reason:

Monthly rewards amount:


Submission Deadline:The date and time that submissions must be created by. Time is in your local timezone.

Voting Opens Date: The date and time that voting opens. Time is in your local timezone.

Voting Deadline:The date and time that voting closes. Time is in your local timezone.

Advanced Bounty Settings

Shuffle submissions: Default is no. If yes, the order of options will be shuffled for each user that views the Poll.

Allow voting on multiple options: Default is no. If yes, users can user their whole voting power to vote for unlimited options.

Show vote count during voting: Default is no. If yes, users will be able to see how many votes each option has while voting is still taking place. If no, the results will be hidden until voting closes.

Step 3: Click 'Submit' and sign the message.

Note: Depending on the Organization's Decentralization Settings, Bounties may be required to be approved by one or more Admin users before becoming public for the entire community to vote on.

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